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Aerospace International Holding (A.I.H.), a dynamic organization active in the aviation markets worldwide, supporting its customers by pursuing their passion for aviation and striving to perform in a challenging world. 

Utilizing our thorough knowledge and in-depth experience in the aviation industry, we have created an aviation company with great international reputation. 

Drawing on our long-term experience in partnering with leading aerospace companies and on our deep knowledge, we are perceived as the reliable and trustworthy aviation experts. 

We work with the main aviation manufacturers (OEMs) to find the best solutions for our clients. We take pride in close partnerships with industry, markets, key economic and decision making leaders. 

Our team members have long-term relationships with major aviation industry groups, thorough knowledge and expertise of aviation world and many significant past transactions in their portfolio to assure the highest satisfaction to our customers. 

Whether it comes to financing the purchase, to exterior and interior designing or to maintenance of an aircraft, our dedicated team members are there to give you the best possible advise and service.

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Aerospace International Holding (A.I.H.) long-term transactions track record and key industry relationships provide our clients base with distinct competitive advantage resulting in value creation. We take pride in the breadth and depth of our products and services that we offer our clients. We offer them a portfolio of services that cover the aircraft full life-cycle. Those range from acquisition of aircraft, financing, providing training and crew service, insuring, to maintenance, overhauling and spare parts acquisition. 

We have been partnering with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and customers for many years, to deliver solutions to our customers’ best satisfaction. We have a team of dedicated aviation and finance consultants with rich industry experience ready to help and advise you. 

We are committed to delivering quality products and reliability to deliver service of the highest quality. 

Our experts’ long-term experience covers different types of aircraft – from turboprop, through piston to turbojet. 

Aerospace International Holding


A.I.H. provides solutions for complex and simple support requirements and has a proven track record for delivering solutions to the highest levels of quality, guaranteeing low long-term cost of ownership. 

Our experienced mechanics, technicians and engineers specialize in a variety of aircraft – piston, turboprop and jets, ensuring you are safe and ready to fly. 

We are the focal point of contact for all inquiries and MRO requests. 

A.I.H. extended MRO services cover:
– AOG emergency assistance
– Targeted failure analysis
– Inspection and exchange of life-limited parts
– Structural modifications and repairs following EASA and FAA standards
– Visual and nondestructive testing
– Boroscoping and reconditioning of engines and APU
– Full avionics services and upgrades
– Component repairs and overhaul
– Pre-purchase inspections (PPI) and change of aircraft registration
– Aircraft management (CAMO) and airworthiness reviews
– Creation of maintenance plans for your airplane
– Interior and exterior cleaning
– Complete cabin refurbishment and redesign
– Partial to full painting jobs
– Interior modifications (internet access installation, entertainment systems, passenger configuration)
– Exterior modifications (additional baggage compartments or fuel tanks, aerodynamic optimization, engine performance enhancements, raisbeck and winglet installation)

Our specialist will also assist you in fulfilling the requirements of all relevant authorities.



A.I.H. provides engineered turnkey special mission solutions! Your aircraft can perform special functions!

Let us at A.I.H. prepare your aircraft with special mission installations, upgrades and retrofitting so that it is tailored to meet your precise needs. We provide top quality engineering services as well as expert advice on selecting the technology, design and components that will serve you best.

Whatever your needs, A.I.H. has the solution:
– Type of application
– Mission profile
– Aircraft performance
– Preferred payload
– Budget and operational cost

Our turnkey projects cover:
– Individual concept development, including practical alternatives
– Assessment and, if required, optimization of your business concept
– Detailed schedule
– Creating a project team
– Complete confidentiality in communication and data transfer
– Fulfilling the requirements of all relevant authorities
– Procurement and retrofitting of the selected platform/s at our aviation workshop
– Tests and acceptance flights
– Maintenance and operator training
– Flight operation support
– Pilot training
– Operational consulting
– Maintenance and repair
– Upgrades and enhancements


Here is how to reach us:

Panenska 23
811 03 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

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